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Buying and installing a new and good roofing system is one of the most important investments you can make for your family’s safety. Now you might go to google and search Roofing Alabama and get a long list of contractors. This makes you think there are so many Roofing Companies in Alabama; which one should I choose?

Well, look no further! We will go above and beyond to get you the kind of results you expect – a quality roof system at a fair price!

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Dream Home Roofing Company offers residential roof replacement and roof repair services throughout Alabama. We provide siding, windows, and gutter services with a quality roof installation that would enhance and secure your home for the subsequent years.

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Your roofing contractor in Alabama has expertise in commercial roofing solutions that offers decades of leak-free protection for your business property. The Dream Home Roofing in Alabama has been providing commercial roof services for the past 39 years.


Residential roofing requires careful attention to quality and design to get your damaged roof fixed and looking spectacular, something you don’t need to worry about when working with us! When you need roofing expertise, you can trust us for being one of the best roofing companies in Alabama! We take immense pride in that! Our experts carry out a thorough analysis of your roof and suggest the required actions accordingly. This, with our years of experience, is what makes us stand out amongst all Alabama roofers.


Dream Home Roofing helps the state’s citizens with processes and services developed specifically to withstand the weather conditions. Our team consists of installers, consultants, customer-service specialists, among others, which makes us stand out among all the roofers Alabama has to offer.


The cost of roofing in a residential project may depend on numerous factors like materials used in your residential roof and the area you stay in, among other factors. We offer our expert assistance, no matter what type of roof you need to be installed and where you reside. Among other factors, a timely installation is a hidden cost that most of the companies that show up when you explore roofing Alabama do not account for. We understand that cost is one of the primary concerns of concerns and try to keep that into account at all times.


We understand that commercial roofing is different from residential roofing in that there is much larger square footage involved, and it also requires many heavy-duty materials. Take into account the humidity in the region, and most of the Alabama roofers do shy away from such large projects. Not us. We do not shy away from any work, no matter how small or how large it is, and that is what separates us from all the other roofers Alabama offers. We make sure our commercial projects account for the HVAC systems, air vents, and pipings, along with the snow and rain that falls around the year. 

Importance of RERoofING in Alabama

Our team of professionals can inspect and identify the root cause of your problems and can create a cost-effective solution. Repairing your roof can usually be inexpensive, but depending on the situation, it may be more advisable to replace the complete roof itself. The materials that we offer not only look beautiful but are also energy-efficient, helping you increase your profits tremendously. If you have architects or contractors, we will make sure to work closely with them, which is not easy to find among so many Alabama roofers

Do not delay your roofing needs anymore, and give us a call. Our professionals will help you get the most bang for your bucks from day one!

What to Expect from Roofing Repair Service in Alabama?

Your roofing consultant will identify even the tiniest of problems and indicate when roof repairs become essential. It is preferable to invest in regular maintenance to avoid frequent replacement of roofs. The maintenance and minute repairs will prolong your commercial or residential roof’s age, which will save you from several unrealized disasters and future inconvenience. The regular repair will require periodic investment, but you should consider the fact that it saves a lot of money in the long term by preventing you from huge losses. Roofing repairs are much more affordable than complete replacement of a roof, so you should make a wise decision when initially minor damages start to show up on your roof. The most suitable time to get your roof repaired is mid-summer; this is when the weather is dry, making the repairing process easier. However, in winter, it is cold and snowy, which makes the process nearly impossible.

Furthermore, there is a massive risk of precipitation and drizzle rest of the year, which again causes humidity and moisture due to which the repairs remain wet, which makes them brittle and prone to breakage. Often, the flashings crack a bit, or the shingles start to split, but the damage does not cause seepage or visible effects. In such situation, you don’t need to replace the roof; instead, you can simply go for repairs. This will fix your problem without disturbing your budget, and your roof will get back to its normal condition.

When do you need Roof Repair in Alabama?

Roof replacement is a complete abstraction of the currently installed roof and superseding it with an alternate new roof. Replacement roofing is a hectic and time-consuming process carried out by a team of professional roofers. The whole process includes the extraction of the previous roof; it is pulled out and chipped off from the ceiling. Then new shingles and underlayment are attached, and, gradually, other components are installed to construct a brand new roof. We use the most high-quality, durable material to make a reliable roof with an extended lifespan. It is advisable to carry out annual inspections and roof checks to investigate your roof’s condition.

Regular maintenance of the roof will keep it in a workable and adequately functioning condition. The roofing experts will detect the root cause and identify the problems associated with it. They will also try to solve them. If it is not possible, they will accommodate you with the replacement of your roof accordingly. Sometimes your roof gets destroyed to the extent that it becomes impossible for roofers to repair it. In this situation, it is always suggested to invest in replacement roofing. In some cases, the roof shingles are entirely shattered, or the decks in the roof are exhausted, which makes replacement of roof, a necessity, and leaves you with no other choice. Installation of a new roof is quite expensive if we compare it to a regular roof repair, which can be done at a nominal price. Sometimes, investing in repairs is not a solution, and the roof gets leakages again and again until it is entirely replaced.