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One of the most sought out roofing types is the asphalt shingle roof. Asphalt is a material that is also used to make roads. Asphalt is made from the distillation of petroleum and consists of certain hydro-carbon compounds. Shingles are the individual elements that are usually placed in an overlapping manner on your roofs. So naturally, an asphalt shingle roofing would consist of shingles that are made from asphalt. The shingles of asphalt are usually placed and adhered to a bottom layer made of fiberglass and cellulose materials. Once the shingles are laid, they receive another layer of granules materials that provide the shingles with a protective coating and increase their lives. This reduces the need for shingle roof repairs considerably. Although a proper installation of an asphalt shingle roof may become a hassle, we have an experienced team that can efficiently deal with all the problems and provide you with the best quality service you may ever see.


There is a massive demand for asphalt shingle roofing nowadays because of the many benefits they tend to offer. The major attraction is the reduced cost associated with an asphalt shingle roofing repair. What’s even better is the sheer number of customization offers available to you as it comes in numerous different colors and various sizes so you can choose what best suits your design, and your house ends up looking as beautiful as you imagined! These types of roofing possess great water resistance, which could prove to be very useful if you live in regions where there is a lot of rainfall, since the water resistance would prevent the growth of mold on your roof, requiring less shingle roof repairs in the future.


Asphalt usually has the capability to retain heat in itself, which could help you save a lot of power during winters, when it is usually cold, by trapping the heat it receives in the day and not losing a lot of that heat energy during the night, thus reducing the load on your HVAC systems, hence reducing your energy costs. It is important that you decide at an early stage what kind of roofing you are going to choose: flat roofing or low-sloped roofing. This will determine the materials that will be needed for your asphalt shingle roof. This is also important to decide beforehand because in the future, if you ever need an asphalt shingle roofing repair, the type of residential roofing you choose to have now will decide the difficulty of the repair, and hence affect the costs.

Other than the type of roofing, you also need to decide what color of the shingles you would like to go for, along with the dimensions of the roof, so your contractor can figure out the best manufacturer for you. Of course, the manufacturer will also be chosen based on your choice of the materials’ durability and the budget you have decided for your roof. Your contractor should be able to provide you with the best choice you should go for.