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Concrete and Masonry Restoration

Consumers are slowly but surely starting to look towards concrete roofings for their properties. The main reason for this is the extreme resilience to wear, which translates to increased longevity, even in areas prone to severe weather changes like storms, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, or even fires. This sudden increase in the demand for masonry and concrete roofings has already started a trend of new concrete roofing restoration companies growing faster than ever. The owners of such companies are betting that there would be more properties with concrete roofs than any other material in the future.


The traditional process of installing a new roof of concrete usually involves three significant steps. In the first step, a chassis or a frame is built, which usually represents the final shape to which the concrete will conform. Builders typically try to keep the overall shape as simple as possible to ensure that in the future, your concrete roofing repair, if needed, would not cost you a fortune because of an abnormal shape. The new concrete roofing restoration companies would certainly not like that, but the clients’ happiness is always the primary concern! Doing this also ensures easier and faster installation. The chassis usually consists of a steel border so that the concrete does not stick to the borders. The second step involves the preparation of the concrete and pouring it into the prepared chassis or frame. We won’t go too much into the details of how the concrete is prepared here. The third step involves adding whatever design you may choose using stamping techniques. In this step, the concrete is also coated with a protective layer that makes it water-resistant and provides it with the ability to reflect heat.

Concrete and Masonry Restoration

Some of our clients also choose to go with masonry for the walls of the roofs. The major difference between masonry and concrete is that although concrete is just purely cement, masonry consists of stones and bricks placed in pleasing patterns to provide more design elements to your roof. Concrete roofing repair can usually be an easy and cheap option since if your roof contains stone elements, even a single crack in the stone could require to replace the whole structure rather than repair it.

All said, it is of importance to note that a concrete roof would require more support than any other type due to its sheer weight, which could add up to your foundation costs as well. At the moment, concrete roofs require more upfront costs compared to other roofs. However, in the long run, using this material for your roofs could prove to be the more cost-effective option since they are more durable and could save you a ton of money on concrete roofing repair.

It is usually easier to use concrete materials on flat roofs, professionals are quickly figuring out better and easier processes to use the material on sloped roofs. Before finalizing your decision to get a roof made of concrete, make sure you perform your due diligence on the costs and figure out if your properties will withstand the heavy weights of such roofs.