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If you want to install metal roofing in your buildings, you have to consider the option for installing copper roofing without a doubt. This is the top-of-the-line, highest-quality metal roofing you can get while reaping the many benefits this roofing has to offer. Although expensive, these roofings offer great value and can provide a great aesthetic appeal to your building as well.

Before we get into further detail about copper roofing, we feel obliged to tell you that there are not many copper roof installers since these are very premium roofings. You might want to consider this fact since the lack of good installers may increase the cost you might have to incur when getting these installed. However, fortunately, we have a team of experts you can benefit from, who can provide you the best installation services there are to offer.


Copper was once considered a very premium metal in ancient times, which is why you might have seen a lot of ancient buildings having a copper dome roof. However, using copper as your roof material does more than adding just a reddish-orange color to the top of your building. Copper possesses excellent corrosion resistance. In fact, the statue of liberty is also made of copper. However, over time, as in the case of the statue, the metal does develop a green oxidation coating over it, although it doesn’t affect the material’s physical integrity. This means that there is a possibility that you may never require a roof replacement in the future, and this is also why the ancient structures having a copper tin roof are still standing tall after so many years!


Copper roof repair is very uncommon. That is because they do not develop any deformities or cracks! These are very durable materials requiring little to no maintenance, so their repair is not so sought after.

A copper metal roof is very lightweight. The building can easily withstand having copper roofing without being deformed over time due to the roof being heavy like some other materials. You would also be helping the environment by opting for copper roof panels on your building since copper is easily recyclable, thus saving mother earth from pollution. Every little bit counts!

It is true for any copper roofing that it provides an added advantage to your home because it is a good conductor of electricity and can give you additional protection from lighting.


The downside of having a copper roof, though, is that you might have to regularly get it cleaned if you want to avoid having that green oxidation layer built up and if you wish to maintain that beautiful reddish-orange color. Some copper roof installers do provide those services in their maintenance plans, so you may want to look out for those before installation as well.

A copper metal roof does not come cheap though. As mentioned earlier, you might have to pay a hefty sum of $25000 if you want that antique copper look on your building. However, you might save some money every month on your insurance since the copper roofing panels on your building will be fire retardant, making your house less risky as well!