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Metal roofs have been around for longer than you can imagine. Many antique architectural buildings are still standing with the original copper roofs with which they were initially installed. This is one of the biggest reasons clients ask themselves, “I wonder if I should talk to some metal roofers in my area.” They are very durable and environmentally friendly since they can always be reused if not needed in the future!


Metal roof flashing is as common as a normal roof. What this means is that no matter what kind of material is used to build your roof, a thin, flat layer of metal strip is applied across the roof to protect it from damage through the water. These thin strips can be made from any of the common metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, depending on the client’s requirements and budget. Most of the metal roofers Mobile AL has at its disposal can offer you this installation service. If you have a better budget, however, we recommend going for an all metal roof. Apart from being friends with the environment, these types of roofs make your house appear more beautiful and premium like no other material can; not even having a metal roof flashing.


The most common materials that a complete roof can be made of are usually copper and lead. Copper was once considered a very premium metal in ancient times. However, using copper as your roof material does more than adding just a reddish-orange color to the top of your building. Copper itself possesses great resistance to corrosion. However, over time, the metal does develop a green oxidation coating over it, although it doesn’t affect its physical integrity. This means that there is a possibility that you may never require a roof replacement in the future, and this is also why the ancient structures having a copper tin roof are still standing tall after so many years! However, plenty of metal roofers Mobile AL offers, may not offer copper roofs since copper is a premium material, when it comes to roofs.


Metal roofs also provide good insulation from higher outside temperatures, contrary to popular beliefs. This is because of their ability not to retain heat. At night, since they do not retain any heat within their bonds, it helps the building cold down more quickly than even asphalt. You can coat the roofs to reflect back the day heat as well, which could also help to keep the building cool during the day too.

We have heard people say to us, “Well, I don’t trust metal roofers in my area to do a good job.” Although we can not comment or judge our fellow roofers’ work, rest assured, we can say with immense confidence that you will never get a chance to be unhappy with the work we do. That is primarily because we choose to respect the customers’ requirements and understand what they are paying for, before they pay for the services.