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Most people know but don’t realize that you have to rely on your roof 24/7, 365 days. Your roof cracks, and you will start facing so many unprecedented problems you may not have even heard of. This is why it is important to make sure you have a good list of contractors among those for roof repair Mobile AL offers. You never know when you might need to access that list of yours! Even if you just bought your home from someone, it is possible that the roof has just a year or two of its life remaining before it gives up, and you might need to get it repaired, or even worse, replaced.


A roof that has been on the house for over ten years is definitely going to start to see some wear and tear, although a lot of it is primarily dependent on the type of material chosen for your roofing. It is essential to make sure that you have a contractor perform regular maintenance on your roofing. Some red signs are easily detectable by you, and we are here to inform you about them. The first and most common of your roof needing to be repaired is the loss of granules. You might see small grains of the roofing material on the sidewalk or driveway or even your gutters, which is a clear indication that your roof is starting to degrade. You may also begin to notice that you have broken shingles on your roof, which is usually very common in extreme weather. You should get those broken shingles replaced as soon as possible to make sure that the water does not get a clean passage to the base of your roof and leak through it into your house.

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You might also notice that the shingles are starting to split from each other, which is common when there is a considerable change in temperature, which causes the shingles to expand and contract. Similarly, you might notice your shingles start curling from the edges due to the same weather conditions changes. As a consequence of aging and going through different weather conditions, your shingles might start shrinking, which could be an easy path for them to split.


The curling of the shingles seen due to extreme weather conditions does lift the shingles up sometimes, hence inviting water to seep through to the bottom layer and, slowly, cause your roof to start leaking. Valley weathering is another common issue seen on sloped roofs, especially roofs with steep slopes. A valley is a point where the two of the roofs meet each other. Since the valley is the highest point of the roof, it is the first region where water meets the roof when it rains. Hence, the valley is the point that first goes through the tough weather conditions and can easily degrade faster than other points on the roof.

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