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Cedar woods is a common material that is used in roofing and fences. That is because of their durability and extreme resistance to weather. This is why owning a cedar shake roof is becoming more and more popular. The roofing is made of original cedar, which, with the passage of time, becomes more beautiful and enhances the look of your house even more.


A wood shake roof has a longer life expectancy than some of the other materials due to its inherent natural resistance to harsh weather conditions. It is a possibility though that initially you might have to incur some extra costs because of the difficulty of sourcing the material. Still, in the long run, it proves itself worthy of such a high cost and can even help you save repairing costs. It is usually recommended to have a cedar shake roofing when you have a sloped roof. In the early 16th century, wood, in general, was more abundant to the citizens than some other materials that are available today. Hence, it has since been widespread to have wooden shakes on your roof. Although modern citizens fancy other artificially processed materials that possess better capabilities than wood, but they are still made to replicate the look and feel of original wood; conventional shake roof systems still use natural wood, depending on the application.


It is important to note here that when we describe a wood shake roof, we do not mean that the complete roof is made of just wood, although in some cases they do use only wood, but in most cases, there are more materials used than just the natural wood. This is done to improve their physical properties, like fire resistance. One common area where people get confused is between cedar shingles and cedar shake roofing systems. The significant difference is that while cedar shingles are more precisely milled, cedar shakes are not. The cedar shakes usually do not lay flat, thus creating gaps between joints. This is why it is generally recommended that a cedar shake roof be installed via a professional only.


A shake roof, especially one made out of cedar, can cost you anywhere between $1.75 to $3 per square footage of the area. It usually depends on what grade of wood you choose to get. If the wood is obtained from the center of the tree’s trunk, it will be a higher and better grade wood and cost more than the wood sourced from other parts of the trunk. The average life expectancy of such roofs is anywhere between 20 to 25 years. It just depends on the thickness of the wood you are using for your cedar shake roof. Generally, the more hefty your shake is, the longer it will last.

What’s even better is that a wood shake roof is recyclable since they are biodegradable since these are natural materials. These woods allow the house to ventilate easier, allowing you to have fresh air inside your home. These roofs require periodic treatments to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.